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I won’t risk the loss of you, I can’t.

I can’t blame you for wanting your husband alive. I should love you for it. I do.

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This is not a coronation for a King. It’s for a King and Queen.

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→ “Decorative like an expensive vase and not a great deal more relevant” // Queen Catherine + 2.03

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Mary in 206 “Three Queens" (x)

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Lola in 206 “Three Queens" (x)

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206 “Three Queens" Stills (x)

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Site Update: Reign - Episode 206 HQ Tagless Stills x9 (x)

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K i n g & Q u e e n
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we do greater things when we act as one,

when we trust each other as equals.

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condensed fangirl challenge

[10/10 female characters] mary queen of scots

"I always knew Francis had a past. Men are allowed to have them, whereas we have our reputation ruined. Hardly seems fair.."

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You must know I want the same world as you do, a better one. The only way to build it is together. We do greater things when we act as one. When we trust each other as equals. This is not a coronation for a King, it is for a King and Queen.

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