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Site Update: Reign - Season 2 HQ Tagless Cast Portraits x6 (x)

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Episode Stills from 2.02 “Drawn and Quartered” (x)

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Site Update: Reign - Episode 202 HQ Tagless Stills x9 (x)

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things cannot be reversed, we learn from the times we are cursed

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How you’ve changed since you came back to us from convent. I miss the girl you were. Many will. She was easier to kill.

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Francis… you came back to me. You came back.

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▬ Francis per episode 

1x21 → Long Live The King.

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[on the TV show Reign] I hope women that watch it can at least take with a grain of salt the level of importance that is placed on our virginities and on our male counterparts. I would hate for any young girl to watch and be like, ‘This is the standard by which I will set my life’. I think they’ve done an incredible job of creating female characters who are really empowered by the times rather than restricted by them. Or, at least, empowered enough within the restrictions that they find themselves in.

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Reign and Women
Part 2 - Narratives about misogyny

This is the 2nd of a series of posts about why I love the way Reign writes stories about and for women.

There’s a difference between misogynistic narratives, and narratives about misogyny. Reign is chock full of the latter, stories that consciously examine the ways in which women are structurally disadvantaged by society, what it’s like to live in this world as a woman, how women can both succeed and fail at being resourceful enough to navigate this minefield. And I’m enjoying the hell out of it. I mean, the show’s already had an episode with a discussion about contraception including an explicit reference to condoms, and a main female character trying to get an abortion onscreen and having three scenes with three different women about the decision (four if you count the woman who was going to carry out the abortion, though that’s a much shorter scene.) I love that there’s a show aimed at girls that features stories like this. I love that it explicitly has dialogue like this:

Leith: But I’m a rich man.
Greer: You…are a comfortable man. But this—this wouldn’t cover a tenth of my father’s debts. It wouldn’t provide my sisters with dowries…my father would sell them to the highest bidder.
Leith: Well, they can live with us.
Greer: You don’t understand how people like us live! My sisters belong to my father, they’re his property! He’d never agree to let them move to what he’d see as some…some backwater where they’d never find appropriate suitors.

Kenna: I understand that you’re worried. Mary won’t take it well, not at first. But think of it. In time, she’ll recover, and Francis will be a loving father. He’d want the child to grow up here, and he’ll probably let you raise it.
Lola: Probably? I’m the child’s mother!
Kenna: Yes, well, I’m sure you would play some part. As long as you don’t anger Mary and you keep Francis’s interest. Regardless—Lola, your position at French court is assured for life!
Lola: For life? But…as a what? Kenna, I can’t do this.

Francis: Mary Tudor’s dead?
Henry: No. The old bitch is still clinging to her miserable life. But she managed to cough up the gall to hand over her crown to Elizabeth. A bastard, a Protestant, no less, and not my son’s wife! (to Mary) Are you even pregnant yet?! Could you possibly be any less use to France?!!
Francis: Do not talk to my wife that way, she is a queen, and an ally!
Henry: She was supposed to get me ENGLAND! We’ve been feeding and housing this…ally for most of her pointless life. And what have we gotten? A drain on our treasure and army. An endless parade of dramas and headaches.

Scenes like these don’t just delineate how women are objectified and commodified by society, they go on to explore how this kind of dehumanization affects the women themselves, in both subtle and obvious ways. Greer can see that her sisters are her father’s property, but doesn’t realize that she’s also internalized the same ideas and implicitly regards herself as the property of the men around her; Mary flinches away from Henry’s yelling and instinctively puts her hand on her stomach, aware that she’s considered inadequate because she can’t get pregnant; Lola, who is pregnant, is scared that this could trap her at French court forever; and Kenna is so used to the way their world works that she thinks this is a fantastic opportunity for Lola. And all of these reactions are familiar to modern women—they’re by no means over and done with and in the past.

Reign continually and enthusiastically and consciously tackles so many aspects of the reality of how the world works for women TODAY, in a very open, direct way that’s made easier by the heightened nature of the historical setting (for instance, there are literal marriage contracts in this ‘verse.) And the story is far more powerful and impactful because that setting is tied, however loosely, to real people and real places that have greater resonance for us than a purely imaginary ‘verse would. Which is why I can’t be bothered to give a damn about historical inaccuracies on this show—for me, as a viewer, they’re entirely besides the point.

By the way, I love how relevant Henry’s attitude is, with respect to common fandom response to female characters. How often have you seen people complaining about how “pointless” a woman is when the show’s been feeding and housing her through screentime and we haven’t gotten anything out of it except for “an endless parade of stupid shipping dramas”? Henry’s mentality that a woman must be USEFUL and have a POINT in order to JUSTIFY her existence isn’t all that antiquated, nor is it limited to men.

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if our love’s  i n s a n i t y, why are you my c l a r i t y? (x)

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countdown to season 2 → kissed (1x03)

"That’s what kings do—we make promises to everybody. Whatever works for the realm, we keep. Otherwise, it never happened. Lesson for today."

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If I’m married to you, you’ll be my family. I’ll be in it for you and only you.
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